Build a stream your viewers will love.

In Stream Coach Academy we'll work with you to create fun live content, a community you vibe with, and money doing what you love.

Learn the proven strategies that other industries have known for years to grow your audience, create great content, and stream better.

We know: streaming is really hard. Even after months of “grinding”, you still feel like you’re not growing your audience.

It feels lonely.

And yet, every day there’s a new streamer hitting “live” and having a GREAT TIME while still making an impact. They seem to know the people to talk to, the brand to build, and the strategies to grow.

“How… how did they do it?”

But for some reason, YOU haven’t found that “spark” yet. You hit live and you can’t even get your friends to chat in your stream. What gives?

Here’s the truth: streaming is hard. There are so many hidden pieces that need to be in place to create an incredible piece of content. But how do other people make this look so easy?

The “next step” up feels like stepping into darkness.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been on this journey for a while, the path forward is never clear. Our job is to help light the way, while providing the clarity and accountability you’ll need to build your own definition of success.

With Stream Coach Academy, we will guide you through the process we took to find success in the streaming world.


Hi! My name is Ashley (that's me up there 👆), but around the internet, I go by the name @ashnichrist.

You might have heard of me from Ninja's book on streaming - Get Good.

Or maybe from my own ebook: Build Your Dream Stream (over 1000 streamers have snagged it).

Or maybe even by word-of-mouth from my hundreds of stream coaching clients.

Years ago, a friend introduced me to As I opened up the browser window and began to watch, I was immediately amazed that people were playing video games (love), gaining adoring fans (super love), and making a living doing it (dream job)! So, I decided to jump in and start streaming myself. Easy, right?

Well… I had no idea what I was doing. When I got started, I barely spoke on stream, played an oversaturated game, and through it all, I felt entitled to success. Needless to say, I was terrible.

However, my friends were more generous than I expected, and just started sending me money in stream. So… that’s it. I succeeded and rode into the sunset, right?


I still sucked. I knew something was missing, I mean, I had made enough money to quit my job and go full time. But I never thought about creating a sustainable business, or thought about what this career looked like in the long term. I just knew that the money kept coming. I didn't care why.

That was until my biggest supporter called me on Skype and said "There will be a lot of people who make it on Twitch, but it will never be you." With that, he pulled his support, and suddenly I couldn't pay my bills anymore.

My dream had been taken away from me. I was depressed and anxious, gained weight, felt sick, felt like I had no direction, and didn’t know what was next in my life.

I was fed up!

So to try and lift my spirits, I went to the gym, where I began to discover podcasts.

Suddenly, my ears were awash in new and exciting information about entrepreneurship, building brands, growing audiences, and how to build a long term career path. It finally made sense! With this new spirit, I immersed myself in books about branding, videos about content, and more to get me back into streaming shape. I spent 3 years building the knowledge that I needed to return to Twitch.

I nervously returned to Twitch on May 23rd 2018. With all education, pain, and lessons behind me, something happened.

I hit 100 subscribers in 4 days, 1000 subscribers in 4 months, and got partnered in just 2 months.

WHAT? I actually made it work! I now have a full-time job streaming, and have a long-term career path.

My community helped me achieve all of this because of the information I've accumulated over 3 years of non-stop research, pain, and experimentation.

I know what it's like to feel frustrated by this dream that seems unattainable. I genuinely care about streamers because I know how it feels to suck and not know why.

I achieved my dream, and that is the information I'm sharing with you in this program.

I want you to make your dreams a reality as well.

In 2019, I finally started building the program I was dreaming about when I was a struggling streamer:

A bootcamp that brings together knowledgeable, successful streamers with people who need help.

A series of content that not only teaches frustrated streamers how they can be successful too, but actually helps them do it.

This is that program.

"During my first two years streaming, I had trouble finding what my niche was and who I was trying to connect with. I tried various games, platforms, and formats…but was really struggling to get above 3-5 viewers consistently.

Within the first two weeks of Stream Coach Academy, I had so much clarity for my stream! By the end of the six week program, my viewership was consistently 15+ and continuing to grow! I love the community we are building and the new focus that we have going forward."

@JamesonDurall - Game Dev Streamer, Full Sail Esports Director


1. How to avoid basic streaming mistakes that 99% of streamers do all the time.

2. How to make more people notice you so you can finally grow your stream.

3. What it takes to become influential so people will remember you and keep coming back.

4. How to make your stream stand out amongst millions of other channels.

5. How to monetize your content in multiple ways so you can have a stable income in an unstable industry.

"Stream Coach Academy gave me access to individuals who have high level expertise in the content creation space. The program has done wonders for my journey as a broadcaster and content manager. The coaches are all wonderful and extremely helpful, with one on one sessions where you can discuss your issues and address any key holes in your content strategy. I was able to increase my client's Twitter follow growth by 20x and now have a future career doing something I'm good at while still sitting in my boxers all day!"

@Sadomi - Twitch Affiliate, Social Media Manager

What's Inside?

I spent years learning how to grow my stream. With this bootcamp, you won’t have to make the same mistakes streamers struggle with over and over: this program is everything I know about growing a stream.

My coaches walk you through everything from getting started to going full-time. We use advice and strategy from successful business coaches, habit researchers, branding experts, and more, and we help you apply it to your unique stream situation:

Pre-Course Module
Everything you can expect out of our 6 weeks togetherHow to get the most out of these 6 weeksA video introduction to our coaching staff

Module 1: Pushing Start
How to change your perspective to avoid failure / the specific perspective you'll need to avoid failureHow to find a niche that will put you ahead of millions of other streamers

Module 2: Build a Powerful Brand That Stands Out
Why a rebrand is the last thing you should doHow to tell your story in a way that helps people connect with you and want to come back over and overHow to use ethics, logic, and emotion to build and maintain a brand people recommend to others

Module 3: Make Better Content So People Pay Attention
What makes content valuable and how you can create itWhich platforms are worth your time and energy and how to effectively use them in the best wayWhat a streamer needs to do to "stay sticky" in the minds of their viewers

Module 4: Stay Consistent When Things Get Tough
A reality check about what to do when your content isn't growingHow to know when your stream sucks and how to fix itHow mental health plays into growing your stream and how to stay on track

Module 5: Community Strategies That Grow Your Viewers
A community growth plan that inspires everyone to get involvedA solution for your lack of exposure

Module 6: Become A Business Boss So Everything Keeps Running
How to build a stable business model around your contentHow to prepare for partnership, manage success expectations, and maintain growth long-term


Access to our Build Your Dream Twitter bonus course so you can finally get noticed on social media

Access to the Build Your Dream YouTube bonus course to help you get started on YouTube and get more views

Access to future program updates, bonuses, and addons.

Access to the Stream Coach community Discord where we stay connected throughout your career.

"I was skeptical that this program would offer me anything different from Ashni's Youtube videos and podcasts, but I am very pleased to say that I received much more. Stream Coach Academy forced me to do things NOW instead of procrastinating. Learning from (and with!) the other students was also a huge plus, and each coach on the team is very unique in their knowledge and what they offer. This course gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dreams and I've already received some amazing offers!"

@AtomBombBody - Twitch Affiliate and VR Streamer


I grew from 10 to 57 viewers!

"The proof is in the numbers, but SCA is so much more! It taught me viewership growth, marketing, and more. I love the community and the coaches are incredible."

SCA helped me find my niche.

"I wasn't sure if SCA would be different from Ashni's videos or podcasts, but I was totally wrong. There is so much more value than I expected!"

I knew I needed a mentor.

"I was a naive, brand new streamer totally lost in content creation. SCA helped me understand what it really takes to grow my stream and now I'm so confident."

I love the SCA community!

"I really appreciate that SCA is a living community that will grow over time. I love the variety of voices that gave me feedback and helped me along the way."

I have hope for the future.

"I finally learned what direction I wanted to take my content in! I also now understand how to make it a viable business so I can finally make money doing what I love."

I feel part of something bigger.

"SCA is nothing less than phenomenal! I have loved every single second of it. I learned who I really am as a creator and I feel like I always have a community to give me critical feedback for my future."

Do yourself a favor. Join SCA.

"If you are thinking about joining SCA, my goodness. You learn everything you need to learn. I highly recommend it to every streamer I know!"

I finally believe in my content.

"I saw my friend grow massively after joining SCA and I knew I had to try it too. I wanted the direction and excitement he had and I got it!"

You might be thinking...

How does payment work?
You don't have to pay to apply. You only pay if your application is accepted and you agree to participate. Once accepted, you will get access to our checkout page with Payment Plan or Pay In Full options. This run of Stream Coach Academy is $97 per month (for 5 months).

Why are you charging money for this? You can learn this stuff for free.
Yes, you can! Free content is amazing. My YouTube videos, streams, and podcasts will always be free. However, the problem with free content is that there is a LOT of it. It can take hours to search for and then watch the thousands of hours of YouTube videos to find what really works for you. And even if you do find what you need, it might not be in a timeline that makes sense. I've done the research and work for you, and put it all in one place.

No one needs a coach to do this. You just need to get lucky!
There are some incredibly successful streamers that had the right content, in the right place, at the right time. But it can feel impossible to duplicate those circumstances. Wouldn’t you rather have more control over your future? Luck might be a path to success, but it is not the only one.

Will this program make me automatically blow up on Twitch / YouTube?
Even though this is a guide to success, it won't do the work for you. You have to put in the time to build a successful stream. This bootcamp helps you do the work more efficiently.

Will I actually learn something, or is this a scam?
I will never create or promote content or products that I don’t truly believe in. If I have created it, it’s because I know it can be helpful. Plus, if you don't feel the content has been valuable to you, I'll refund your purchase.

I don't know or trust you yet. Can I see more of the content you've created?
Absolutely! I’m happy to have you check out my YouTube, podcast, or Twitch stream. The program will always be here for you to come back to, once you feel comfortable that I am someone who can help you.

Does this program include 1:1 coaching?
While group coaching can handle most of the needs you have, we do offer personal touches to make sure your needs are met and help you find the answers to your burning questions.

How much work will this take?
Most of our students spend around 2-4 hours per week on this program, in addition to their current schedule.

Once I apply, what happens?
You will receive an email before the program starts if you were accepted. At this time, we only accept a small amount of applicants. We have limited space so we can focus on getting the best results for our students.

Who is this program NOT for?

This program will absolutely not guarantee you success. There is no checklist, course, book, or mentor that can ensure you become the Next Big Thing on your streaming platform. Your success is dictated by you and you are the one who needs to do the work. This program is not a magic pill, it is simply a guide.

However, if you're ready to work hard, pursue your dreams, and find your purpose, there is a path forward for you. I've invested years into accumulating the information. Thousands of people have gotten results. You can too.

The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're disappointed for any reason after you've completed the work, you'll get every cent back and it's free for you. No questions asked.

I can't wait to hear your success story, so be sure to keep me posted and tell me how you're doing on Twitter, in stream, or my Discord.

Never hesitate to reach out with any questions.

We are here for you every step of the way.